Accelerating the Development of Vermont's Green Economy

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Vermont Sustainable Jobs Fund


VSJF works on three core local production-for-local use market development initiatives, offers CEO leadership training to growth stage companies, has helped to develop the Community Energy Dashboard (with Energy Action Network), and launched a new Flexible Capital Fund to provide equity-like growth-stage capital sustainable agriculture, forest products and clean technology. Collectively, our grantees and client companies we provide business coaching to are helping to build the green economy in Vermont, from local food systems to sustainable forestry, from renewable energy to green technologies. Their combined efforts create local jobs, preserve resilient ecosystems, and fill special niches in the global economy.

Sustainable Agriculture

Vermont Farm to Plate is the statewide initiative to increase economic development and jobs in Vermont’s food system and improve access to healthy local food for all Vermonters.

The Vermont Agriculture Development Program supports the growth and long-term success of Vermont-based, value-added agricultural enterprises that are building markets and infrastructure for other Vermont agricultural businesses and local or regional food systems development.

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Sustainable Forest Products

The Vermont Forest Products Value Chain Investment Program assists the state's forest products industry in creating and retaining quality jobs by providing business assistance, market development expertise, and network development along strategic points in multiple value chains. The goal is to encourage innovation and sector-wide relationships in order to enhance the economic competitiveness of the forest products industry in the region. In addition, the program will work to increase the use of regionally grown tree species in Vermont’s value added forest economy sector.

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Vermont Bioenergy Initiative

The Vermont Bioenergy Initiative is working to replace a portion of the fossil fuel energy consumed in-state with homegrown alternatives from oilseed crops, perennial grasses and algae. Our grant making and technical assistance are aimed at addressing the most critical issues of our time -- peak oil, energy price volatility, and climate change – using an innovative ‘local production for local use’ market development model.

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Community Energy Dashboard

The Community Energy Dashboard helps your community shape its energy future at the local level with a powerful suite of interactive tools to set goals, track progress, map actions, share stories, and hear from trusted neighbors. The Dashboard helps translate Vermont's goal of 90% by 2050 into achievable local action across all energy sectors - efficiency, heat, electricity and transportation.

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Peer To Peer Collaborative

The Peer to Peer Collaborative is a CEO advisory program that gives access to a confidential, supportive team of experienced entrepreneurs and business leaders who have been in your shoes, and who can share lessons learned and strategies for success. Where can an entrepreneur talk frankly about tough issues, or think strategically about the direction of the business? Contact us if you are a growth stage company with sales between $1-15million and are interested in exploring whether the Peer to Peer Collaborative is right for you.

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Flexible Capital Fund

The VSJF Flexible Capital Fund offers a new kind of risk capital for growing Vermont businesses in the natural resource sectors. The Flex Fund balances equity features and returns with the reality of small business in Vermont, offering flexible mezzanine debt and technical assistance to fit Vermont’s early and growth stage companies’ needs. Our goal is to help our portfolio companies accelerate the rate at which Vermont and the region moves towards healthy food systems, renewable energy and climate change solutions - while preserving Vermont’s working landscapes and ensuring the health of our communities.

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