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Vermont Sustainable Jobs Fund

Callahan Engineering

Chris Callahan, Callahan Engineering

Vermont Bioenergy Initiative
(518) 677-5275

Chris Callahan started his engineering firm in 2005 with an aim to provide sustainable power and waste engineering services to clients. A guiding principle for the firm is to bring multi-disciplinary engineering services to agriculture at a reasonable cost. Chris holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering and an MBA, both from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI). He has worked in industry, and has volunteered for a variety of non-profits and municipal government.

Chris currently focuses his work on sustainable agriculture and, in particular, on-farm energy issues. The scope of this work has included detailed design of biodiesel processors, safety reviews, feasibility studies, oil and fuel quality, project management, economic assessment tools, and outreach & education. Chris has been an invaluable resource for the Vermont Biofuels Initiative, providing technical assistance to VSJF grantees in support of sustainable biofuels and developing tools for farmers such as the Vermont Oilseed Crop Production Cost and Profit Calculator. Chris has lived and conducted business in the United States, Asia, and Europe, and presently resides in Cambridge, NY with his wife and son.