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What’s My Investment?

Thanks to the generous support of a grant through the Vermont Department of Economic Development’s Vermont Training Program, Peer to Peer has been able to competitively price this program, allowing us to provide top quality advisory services at below market rates to help companies stay and grow in Vermont.

Based on a detailed scope of services mutually agreed upon between the CEO client and Peer to Peer, clients pay an $8,000 fee for engaging the Collaborative over a 12 to 18 month period. Fees are paid in installments after elements of the work have been performed. Our fee structure can be modified—providing fewer or more person sessions as dictated by your needs.

In addition to a financial investment, the P2P requires an investment of your time. This program is not for the faint of heart and as a P2P client you will need to be open and willing to accept outside assistance. You get out of it what you put into it — it’s that simple. We ask for your commitment as leader of the organization to meet with Advisors on a regular basis (usually monthly), be open to discussion, and follow up on action items in between sessions.

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How Do I Engage the Peer to Peer?

The first step in engaging the Peer to Peer Collaborative is to contact Deputy Director, Janice St.Onge, to schedule an initial face to face meeting to learn more about your company and its needs. After mutually deciding to work together, we will conduct an organizational assessment to determine the unique and critical issues facing your company. Then we will assign a high quality Peer Advisor Team to fit your needs.

Your Team will meet with you over a 12- to 18-month period and will help you to address the critical issues facing your growing company. Work sessions with your Team generally last 3-4 hours, once a month. Sometimes the full Team meets with you, and other times a Team member may meet one-on-one with you or with another key person on your staff.

At the completion of the scope of work, we will conduct an evaluation of the program and process with you to identify lessons learned and next steps for you and your company. If you want support beyond the Peer to Peer engagement, we can help you in creating a permanent Board of Advisors.

The staff of Peer to Peer provides essential support—scheduling meetings and taking care of other special needs—so that work sessions are efficient and maximize the time spent with your Peer Advisor Team.

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What are Livable Jobs?

Vermonters believe in fairness and are known for our strong work ethic. That's why we also believe that someone who works full-time should be able to meet his/her basic needs without resorting to public financial assistance. The Peer to Peer Collaborative is working towards a future in which livable jobs are the foundation of our companies, our economy and our communities.

Excerpts from the Livable Jobs Toolkit

A “livable job” is a combination of wages, benefits, and workplace practices that enables a full-time worker to be financially self-sufficient. At the same time, it is commonly understood that the businesses providing jobs cannot survive over the long term if they spend more money than they bring in. Everyone knows a business must be profitable to survive. The Livable Jobs Toolkit draws from research on companies that have successfully created livable jobs, and offers specific actions companies can take to improve wages, employee productivity and retention, and, in turn, improve profitability. It also has practical advice and tools to help companies strengthen their workforce. These include advice on how to:

  • create a work and life-friendly workplace,
  • offer an attractive package of wages, benefits and workplace practices, and
  • stay profitable at the same time.

When you offer employees a wage that allows them to meet their basic living needs, and provide opportunities for training and skill improvement, you can realize an immediate return on your investment through productivity improvements and a more committed workforce. Improving the livability of jobs within an organization is a worthy endeavor in itself. However, each job that becomes a livable job also benefits our overall economy and our communities.

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